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Congratulations! Congratulations for deciding to pursue one of the most valuable and versatile degrees available -- a law degree. In addition to offering law school admissions consulting services, the links on these pages provide vital information about law school, the admissions process and life after law school.

My name is Donna M. Mancusi. * --In the Spring of 2001, while a third-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, I founded this consulting firm in response to overwhelming student demand.

Throughout my tenure at Penn, I worked with the Admissions Office counseling prospective students and recruiting nationally. Many of the students I spoke with were apprehensive about the admissions process and wished that they had a knowledgeable “Insider” to turn to for advice. I can be that “Insider” for you.

Upon graduation in May 2001, I dedicated myself full-time to assisting students with all phases of the law school application and admissions process. At Penn I had the opportunity to read hundreds of applicant files ascertaining the attributes that distinguished the admitted applicants from the rejected. Utilizing that information, I created a 6-page biographical data questionnaire that helps applicants select a personal statement theme, accentuating their strengths and highlighting their unique qualifications. The questionnaire is just one tool in my box. The Law School application process does not have to be frightening and intimidating. Put my experience as an applicant, student and national recruiter at an Ivy League law school to work for you.

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